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Top Products at EmbroidMe of Davie

Want to see what other products are popular here at EmbroidMe of Davie? There are many possibilities, but you may be interested in seeing what others have chosen before making a final decision yourself. Here is a comprehensive list of all our most popular items others love for embroidery services.

Polo Shirts

Polo Shirts

Here at EmbroidMe of Davie, we specialize in our branded or embroidered clothing options—particularly shirts. Of these, polos are definitely the most popular choice, and there are many reasons why. For starters, for people looking to create uniform shirts for their team, polos are a great choice for a professional appeal. It all depends on the business in question, but polos are an excellent choice for many businesses that fit with this style. For more corporate businesses, you might also consider polos for company events. Consider a corporate golf outing where a company-branded polo shirt can be a great article to show up in.



Another popular item is hats. Hats are universally applicable to many different circumstances. They’re great for outdoor events of any kind as they provide protection from the sunlight, but they can also function as a stylish accessory for your team. Baseball caps, in particular, are also popular for others to purchase, making them great branded sales items for an event stand.

Promotional Products

Promotional Products

One of the most popular choices outside of clothing is promotional items. Promotional items are different products that you can embroider with your company’s brand or logo. Items like pens, lanyards, smartphone chargers, and other items. The best choices can vary depending on the circumstances that you want to use them for. For example, branded beverage tumblers can be a great item to sell at events where drinks are served.



Nowadays, companies are promoting lots of wellness and good health. Because of this, activewear has grown in popularity among branded products, and different companies do various physical group activities. Company outings are becoming more and more exercise-driven, so outfitting your team with branded activewear is a sensible decision for embroidery services.

Best Business-to-Business Products

When selling your products to another company instead of a consumer, it’s called a business-to-business product or B2B. You might consider doing this with branded products to potentially market your brand through another company, like a clothing boutique. Some examples of popular embroidered items to sell B2B are as follows:


Hats, scarves, socks, jewelry, and other accessories are a great choice and a relatively small one to provide for other businesses. The benefit is that they also sell well, and because of that, they are a popular choice when it comes to B2B products.


Everyone likes branded clothing items. From t-shirts to jackets to activewear to polos. Branded apparel makes for a great addition for other businesses to take advantage of as the many applications of clothing work in your favor.


Another interesting option when it comes to B2B products is the option of awards. Custom awards can be a great way to encourage team members or players in an activity. These items are growing in popularity for this reason, like when companies hold competitions and events that can have prizes.

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Embroidery, Screen Printing, Promotional Products & More

Embroidme of Davie has a reputation for giving customers great solutions for their business, brands, schools, and organizations. Our specialties are embroidery, screen printing, promotional products, and personalized gifts at an affordable price. We provide our customer’s with the highest exception in quality, turn-around and customer satisfaction. With more than 15 years in the business, EmbroidMe of Davie is one of Broward County’s leaders in branding local businesses and organizations. We serve Davie, Sunrise, Plantation, Weston, and many areas in Miami. Whether you are looking for t-shirts, Polo’s, Caps or custom printed USB’s, No job is too small, too big or too far. We are dedicated to help businesses grow as their growth is our drive in success. Our local facility is located off state road 84 in Davie, Florida between University Drive & Davie. EmbroidMe of Davie uses the latest state of the art equipment with a highly trained team that is skilled at inspecting our products to ensure the highest quality. Have questions about our services? Contact the team at EmbroidMe of Davie today!


Embroidery is a service that can be used universally by both personal shoppers as well as commercial ones. For individual consumers, there are many options when it comes to embroidered items. These are perfect choices when it comes to gift-giving, as you can customize the items you purchase with the recipient’s name or initials. These are treasurable items that can make for long-lasting, memorable gifts. Some ideas include mugs, shirts, hats, scarves, or electronic accessories that can be a great choice for any form of gift exchange.

Regarding commercial use, business owners can find many applications of branded merchandise. These can be used to supply your employees, such as company polo shirts or t-shirts, or you can also try items like office supplies. If your business has offices, stocking them with branded pens, mugs, and business cards can be helpful for marketing your brand to those that enter your offices. The products can also be used during events where they can be sold or even given away, depending on the products.

Smaller items can be handed out freely without much concern as they can be relatively inexpensive, and people enjoy receiving free items. This tactic can earn you loyalty with more people. Selling larger items can also be a quaint novelty that shoppers will also enjoy. Good candidates for these would be items like shirts, other apparel items, or gadgets.


Branded or embroidered products are a worthwhile investment for many different kinds of buyers. For personal shoppers, you can order custom made items embroidered with a special symbol, initials, name, insignia, or another identifier that can then be used as a gift for someone special. For commercial use, business owners can outfit their team members with company t-shirts, polos, or other apparel items, or provide those branded items for consumers. They can be in the form of free giveaways for certain events or purchasable items.

EmbroidMe of Davie is a fantastic choice to work with when investing in branded products thanks to our dedication to quality and a wide range of products. Our selection of items that you can customize is vast containing not only apparel but options from office supplies to mugs, food items to electronic accessories, business cards to awards, and many more. Not only this, but we dedicate our time and service to producing high-quality products as well—items that you can use for a long time without wear or damage.


At Fully Promoted Davie we know what it takes to provide excellent products and service that makes the shopping experience satisfying.


We stand behind our goods and services and want you to be satisfied with them. In doing so steps to prevent damages are in place.


When placing an order online you automatically receive free shipping. Free shipping is only for the US through the US Postal Service.

Testimonials for EmbroidMe of Davie

Need reassurance that EmbroidMe of Davie is the right embroiderer for you? Worry not because we’ve built a strong reputation in the Davie community for being one of the best services to go to for branded products and embroidered gifts. Just hear what these clients have had to say about our service:

We’ve used EmbroidMe many times to create tees, hats and reusable bags for our business. They never disappoint!

Alina Maddox

EmbroidMe has been embroiding jackets for my students since 2016 and they do a great job which is why I keep coming back! Erick at the front is the BEST! Thank you for all you do!

Lynne Chancy

Awesome service! Fast, precised, everyone is very friendly, super organized.

Ali O

I have done business with this company and its employees for many years. They are a very reliable company who takes pride in what they do. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a company that will go the extra mile to please their customers.

Sarah Cash

These guys are good! They’ve always delivered on time and with great quality, in spite of some really tight schedules.

Raul Fernandez

We buy shirts for our employees from EmbroidMe. Great service and good prices. High quality merchandise.

Don Fecteau

Embroide Me has always given us top quality products for our crews. They always are quick to address our needs even at last minute. We would not use anyone else for our crews shirts!

Gail Ryan

EmbroideMe has always given us top quality products for our crews. They always are quick to address our needs even at last minute. We would not use anyone else for our crews shirts!

Gail Ryan

We buy shirts for our employees from EmbroidMe. Great service and good prices. High quality merchandise

Don Fecteau

These guys are good! They’ve always delivered on time and great quality, In spite of some really tight schedules.

Raul Fernandez


The applications of embroidery services and branded merchandise are vast. Do you have other questions about embroidery, products, or the effects of branded merchandise? Want to know the best kinds of t-shirts to get for company shirts? What are the best products to offer at company events? We have tons of further information to learn all the specific, niche questions you might be wondering that can help you make the best decisions on your embroidery choices. There are many quaint details, tips, tricks, and advice that we have to offer within our blogs that you will be able to benefit from when making the choices for your sales.