Safely Use Antibacterial Gel & Hand Sanitizer & Stay Safe!

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Safely Use Antibacterial Gel & Hand Sanitizer & Stay Safe!

As all of us slowly return to life prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we must also remember that the battle isn’t over. COVID-19 is still roaming around, and while returning to work, school, and other elements of our daily lives is necessary, that doesn’t mean we can lower our guard. Since the start of the outbreak, we at EmbroidMe of Davie have added virus prevention supplies to our online boutiques–offering products for both retail purchase and wholesale. This includes products such as face masks, antibacterial gel, small hand sanitizer bottles, and more. We’ve worked to help those in Weston and Miami with branded merchandise before, and now we’re working to help keep as many people safe and healthy.


Don’t Ignore Soap and Water!

As we work to provide people everywhere with access to hand sanitizer, we believe it’s important to remind you that hand sanitizer is not a replacement for soap and water. Hand sanitizer is designed to help kill potentially harmful germs on your hands while in-between washes, but there are some things it cannot do. For example, hand sanitizer is much less effective on dirty or greasy hands, and it also does not adequately remove harsh chemicals like cleaners or pesticides. It also doesn’t kill as many germs as soap and water do. Because of this, always wash your hands whenever you are able and use hand sanitizer after interacting with other people or surfaces between washes.


Safety with Antibacterial Gel

It’s very important to recognize that hand sanitizer is seen as an over-the-counter drug by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and as such, you should be cautious to handle it appropriately. Make sure to use the directed amount of hand sanitizer when cleansing your hands and follow the directions on the drug label. In terms of effectiveness, you want to make sure the hand sanitizer you’re getting contains at least 60% alcohol. This is the amount you want to see to most effectively kill the viruses and germs on your hands.


Because sanitizer is a drug and has a high alcohol content, it’s important to recognize the dangers of consuming hand sanitizer. It is not dangerous to lick your hands after the sanitizer has dried nor is it dangerous to eat after having used it; however, ingesting large amounts is harmful. In particular, kids and pets are prone to unknowingly consume hand sanitizer if left out around the house. Be sure to store all your hand sanitizer somewhere that they cannot access, and if your child or your pet has consumed it, call poison control or pet poison control immediately.


Lastly, do not make your own hand sanitizer if you cannot find it in stores near you. Not only are you most likely to create an ineffective product in regards to killing viruses and germs, but you may create something that could be hazardous to your skin or eyes.


Contact Us for Small Hand Sanitizer Bottles for Retail or Wholesale

If you’re looking for antibacterial gel or other supplies to help keep you safe during this pandemic, then EmbroidMe of Davie has them available through our online boutique. Contact us to see our supplies and order your small hand sanitizer bottles from our location near Weston, FL.