Looking for an Embroiderer Near Me?

EmbroidMe of Davie Provides Fast Embroidery Services & Much More

EmbroidMe of Davie is a reputable embroiderer near me that the locals trust. We have expanded and offer much more than embroidery! Whether you need promotional products for your business or just want to design a shirt for personal use, our team provides quality materials just in time for your event. Ask about our screen printing, embroidery, marketing material or printing services today. We have the best prices around. Read more about the services we offer in our blog. Have any questions? Contact our team today at 954-452-0600.

Custom T Shirts for the Whole Family’s Next Vacation

Are you excited about your family vacation that is coming up? This is going to be the perfect time to bond and catch up with your loved ones who may not have seen in a while. Why not make this event more exciting by implementing matching custom t shirt? Here at EmbroidMe of Davie, we […]

Fundraiser T-shirts – Start Fundraising for PTA

One of the greatest things about fundraises is the fact they bring unity to the groups who run them. The fundraiser allows individuals to raise money together and overall become one team. Here at EmbroidMe of Davie, we have just what you need to make everyone on your fundraising team come together as one. Our […]

Tips for Designing Great Company T Shirts

Do you have a company that you are proud of? Do you have a strong team and want them to have the opportunity to feel more like as one? Do you know the perfect way to build team spirit, productivity, unity, and also some fashion? Why not take advantage of company t shirts? When it […]

Custom School T-shirts Can Improve Culture

If you are a school administrator or a teacher, then you’ve possibly noticed that one of the biggest challenges in education is getting students to work as a team and feel pride in their school. We know that you want the best for your students, due to this; we have created printed school t-shirts and […]

Summer Camp Shirts: Selecting The Perfect Shirt

Summer is finally upon us, and the Sunshine State is really to take full effect. Are ready to enroll your children into Summer camp? Maybe you are even orchestrating a camp yourself. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure. You need to equip your kids with summer camp shirts. Here at EmbroidMe […]

T Shirt Design: Are Crop Tops on Trend?

What is your stance on crop tops? Do you love them or hate them? Well, regardless if they are the latest trend hitting the stores at the moment. They are in every store and every closet. Not even gender determines who wears these pieces. Both women and even men are taking advantage of this shirt, […]

What to Know: Printed Shirts & Vector Art

Are you familiar with Vector Art? Is this a name that you never even heard of? When it comes to printed shirts for your business, what method do you usually turn to? This is important when it comes to the quality of your graphic design. Here at EmbroidMe of Davie, we are here to give […]

A Screen Printing Company Explains the History of Screen Printing

You see it all the time when you go out for the day, and you probably are guilting of sporting it yourself. We are talking about screen printed shirts. It is a big part of everyday fashion. It is safe to say that almost every individual owns at least one t-shirt that has screen printing […]

Tips for Choosing the Right Embroidery Blanks Provider

Do you often find yourself struggling when it comes time to find an embroidery blanks provider? What if we told you we know exactly how to find the perfect blank goods supplier? Hello, it is EmbroidMe of Davie! If you need a little help convincing you, we have all the tips you must look for […]

Why Your Organization Should Look Into Custom T Shirt Printing

The goal of every organization and company is to constantly be trying to expand and level up their branding efforts. If you’re looking for a way to take your marketing game to the next level, custom T-shirts are absolutely the way to go. There are many reasons that custom T-shirts are a top way to […]

Custom Kids Shirts – Create Shirts for School and Other Activities

Are you kids currently in that awkward stage where all the clothes they currently own are too small, and they seemed to grow 3 inches overnight? Now it is time for a completely new wardrobe? Maybe your child is not a tall as everyone else, and you want to find the shirt that you can’t […]

Custom T Shirts – What is a Triblend T Shirt?

When it comes to choosing the perfect shirt for your custom design, there are many aspects you must look over. This includes the design, color, material, and other details. It is a whole creative process. However, what type of t-shirt are you going to use? What about a tri-blend t-shirt? The experts at EmbroidMe of […]

What Styles Are Most Popular For Custom Tank Tops?

When it comes to promotional tactics, one of the most effective and cost-efficient tactic is promotional t shirts and other clothing items. This is because clothing with your branding will not only spread the name of your company and brand to any passing onlookers, acting as a living billboard, but when properly designed, doesn’t even […]

Customizable Apparel – The Pantone Color of the Year

Are you looking to try something new and trendy this spring? Have you ever heard of Pantone? Do you know what the “Pantone Color of the Year 2019” is? At EmbroidMe of Davie, we are here to get you the most out of your attire. With our customizable apparel, you are sure to get a […]

Athleisure Is In – Get T-Shirts For Women & More at EmbroidMe of Davie

Have you ever considered switching up your style this season? Why not adopt the athleisure syle? At EmbroidMe of Davie, we have everything you need to have the best apparel when it comes to this popular choice. We have t shirts for women and men that you must take advantage of today. We sell wholesale […]

Avoid Branding Campaign Mishaps With Custom Promotional Products

When it comes to promotional items on the market, there lies a wide range. Every year, many different types of promotional products pop up, from different types of luggage and bags, various writing utensils, T-shirts, glasses, mugs, notebooks, stationery, computer or electronic accessories, umbrellas, polo shirts, jackets, cups, watches, and so much more! But what […]

What Branded Products Are Right For You? Plan Your Promo Strategy Today!

Do you have a plan in place to promote your company? By implementing promotional products, you raise awareness for your business and make it easier for customers to get your information. At EmbroidMe of Davie, we specialize in branded products and are here to make sure you have all the information you need to start […]

Choosing the Right Colors for Custom Shirts Near Me

Have you recently made a decision to get some custom t-shirts made? You already thought about the style and even created a logo. But what about the color? What color will the shirt be? If you are on the fence with what color is right for your custom shorts, the experts at EmbroidMe of Davie […]

How to Pick the Best Quality Wholesale Blank T Shirts

Are you looking for quality t-shirts at a reasonable price? At EmbroidMe of Davie, we specialize in wholesale blank t shirts in Weston. Regardless of color, size, or style, we got you covered. We are the best option for wholesale t shirts Miami.   What Shirt is Right for You? You know you need a […]

Custom Shirts & More Are Perfect for Celebrating Milestones

There are so many reasons you should take advantage of owning custom shirts. One of the obvious reasons is the fact that you will be one of the very few individuals in the world who will be rocking the shirt design. Who does not love uniqueness? However, if you are looking for another reason to […]

Why You Need Business Promotional Items

Any successful business needs to keep up with the world of advertisement trends. A great marketing scheme in this industry is the use of business promotional items. There is an abundance of products you can use. This includes anything from t-shirts, magnets, pens, and koozies. At EmboridMe of Davie, we have the perfect ideas that […]

16 Ways Color Affects Your Corporate Branding

When it comes to branding, color is everything. Whether it is corporate branding, or just creating a brand for you your small company, you need to ensure that you choose the right colors that will carry you in the direction you need to go. At EmbroidMe of Davie, our experts are here to tell you […]

Need Custom Shirts Near Me? Custom Shirts Are A Must For These Events!

Who wants to wear something that everybody else on the street is wearing. Where is the originality with that? What if you were able to create and design any kind of t-shirt you wanted? This would give you the liberty to be as creative as possible. At EmbroidMe of Davie, you can do just that. […]

Steps To Design School Spirit Tees

What expresses school pride better than sporting school inspired attire? We are talking about clothes that are decked out in school colors and mascots. All of this can be made possible by EmbroidMe of Davie. Why not rock a custom designed t-shirt? We have many school spirit ideas that students all across Miami will want […]

Custom Performance Shirts Create Team Building

Are you participating in a field day? Throwing an office team building event? Playing a sport? Regardless of the activity, one thing is for sure. You are working with a team and bonding. This fun experience couldn’t get any better. That is unless of course, you hand matching shirts as your fellow team members. What […]

Make A Shirt For Your Next Fundraising Event

You are a great citizen. You made the excellent choice to raise money for a cause that everyone would be proud to represent. The world needs more people like you. But wait. Are you completely prepared to take on this task? In order for this endeavor to be successful, you need to be completely prepared. […]

Tips for Creating Your Retractable Banner Stand Marketing Message

Are you a business that is headed toward a tradeshow? Do you know if you are prepared with all the necessary products and equipment that is required in order to represent your company the best? EmbroidMe in Weston, suggest implementing a banner. It will adequately promote and display your business in a way that will […]

Great Quality Custom Team Apparel For Work & Events

If you are looking for team apparel for your next event, we at EmbroidMe in Miami can help. We specialize in wholesale t shirts Miami business love, but we would be more than happy to create something entirely unique for you. We are firm believers in the power that quality can have in creating something […]

Why Premium Custom Apparel Is Better Than Cheap Tees

At EmbroidMe in Miami, we know that selecting the right quality for your custom apparel is crucial for its success. Quality is an investment that must be made in order for people to actually wear the shirt that you have created. Ultimately, this leads to further success as more and more people see the branding […]

What’s The Best Shirt For Shirt Printing

Are you in the need to have a custom printed tee with a person design that matches your taste? If so, you are in luck. EmbroidMe of Davie is the best in Fort Lauderdale. However, when it comes to our custom shirt printing, what type of shirt has the best results? The last thing you […]

Embroidered Shirts Is The Best Option

Are you looking for a newly designed shirt for your business or group social event? There are many options out there when you are trying to determine what exactly to choose. There are the basic, typical choices such as screen print and digital print. However, those are overdone and can get quite boring. The best […]

Obtain Wholesale Clothing Prices On Our Apparel

If you are a business, club, creative group, or just a big family, you should consider obtaining wholesale clothing. There are many benefits to doing so. Here at EmbroidMe, we have the best selection of wholesale clothing. It is time to stock up on your bulk apparel. We are located in Weston and offer the […]

Promotional Product Do’s and Dont’s

Do you have a promotional campaign? Is that campaign consisting of various promotional products such as t-shirts and other types of artwork? Here at EmbroidMe of Davie, we are here to make sure that you get the best results when it comes to your promotion products. Whether it is on a custom t-shirt or even a […]

Tips for Creating Your Custom TShirt Design

What is the number one thing about customizing clothing? Design! A great tshirt design  for your company or brand can help you stand out from the crowd and improve your following, not to mention that it’s just plain cool. So what exactly constitutes a good tshirt design? We at EmbroidMe can customize all kinds of […]

How To Care For Your Custom Printed T Shirts

It happens all the time. You recently bought a shirt that you absolutely adore. It is a brand new garment partnered with vibrant colors and designs. You throw it in the wash and then when you take it out an hour later, it looks completely different. Your shirt is ruined! At EmboridMe, we want to […]

What Your Corporate Apparel Says About You

When it comes to corporate apparel, there are certain standards in every office. There are many violations of the general U.S. office dress code that you can commonly observe, such as a woman in sheer black hose, or a man wearing torn-up khakis and an T-shirt when everybody else is supposed to be in a […]

Customize Your Own Blank Apparel For Any Occasion

One of the best ways to promote your business or brand is through customized clothing and accessories. Custom T-shirts for your brand or company create value for the money spent, and in terms of branding is a great investment. Whether it’s fun company shirts or logos for your small business, EmbroidMe in Fort Lauderdale provides […]

Boost Team Spirit With Custom T-Shirt Printing

Everyone loves a free T-shirt. Plus, it’s a skillful way to boost team spirit at work! EmbroidMe is your local shop for t-shirt printing near me that has helped hundreds of businesses design company T-shirts for their staff members. We use state-of-the-art printers, direct-to-garment printing, and even have an impressive embroidery service available for our […]

Dress Your Team for Success with Embroidered Shirts & More!

You have probably been scouring the internet for an embroiderer near me because you are looking to get uniform apparel for your team. Thankfully, EmbroidMe in Davie, Florida has the solution for you! Whether you are looking for corporate or casual wear, EmbroidMe has a limitless range of products for you to choose from. We […]


That’s correct all order over $100 placed online at will automatically get Free Shipping! At Fully Promoted we understand everyone is trying to save money. So we thought lets pass on the savings this year and give everyone a bang for their buck. Customers can now get their work uniforms in bulk. All orders […]

Embroidme of Davie Changing Name

The rumors are correct, Embroidme of Davie is soon switching to Fully Promoted Davie. As the years have gone by embroidme has been a leader in the industry of Embroidery, Screen Printing. We are now moving towards the future and expanding is our main focus. Fully Promoted stands for a fully promotional service platform allowing [...]

Design Your Apparel Online

Have no time to stop in? Well, Great News. Fully Promoted Davie has developed a online store that allow customers to pick out their apparel and then design it online. This comfortable way of ordering just got easier. Simply visit select the apparel you like. Weather its T-Shirts, Polos, Caps, Sweatshirts and many more […] Powered by Embroidme of Davie | Online Apparel Designer powered by Embroidme of Davie Embroidme of Davie is always working hard to offer easy ordering solutions 24/7. In doing so, we have created a sister site allowing customers to customize their apparel in a few steps. The best part is customers get a quick, and easy mock up […]

The Palm Beaches

Embroidme of Davie also serving the West Palm Beach area is your one stop solution to all your printing requirements. We offer a comprehensive list of services that help you with any of your digital and print marketing needs. Whether you are a startup or you want to advertise to your clients through Direct Mail, […]

Local Embroidery

Fort Lauderdale Embroidery Quality custom embroidery serving South Florida since 2003. Embroidme of Davie is Fort Lauderdale Embroidery number one choice. Our staff members have several years of experience in the field of embroidery. Quality insurance is our biggest niche, If the quality is not there then the product is not approved to leave our doors. To […]

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looking For Brand Recognition?

Embroidme of Davie is one of South Florida’s leaders for Embroidery, Screen Printing & More. We serve a major customer base in Davie, Florida but do handle customers in the Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise, Weston, Aventura. We also cater to the customer in the Miami area as “no order is too small, too big or too […]