Choosing the Right Colors for Custom Shirts Near Me

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Choosing the Right Colors for Custom Shirts Near Me

Have you recently made a decision to get some custom t-shirts made? You already thought about the style and even created a logo. But what about the color? What color will the shirt be? If you are on the fence with what color is right for your custom shorts, the experts at EmbroidMe of Davie is here to help. We offer the best custom shirts near me and also the best screen printing near me.


What Color Is Right For You?

Sometimes it’s tricky selecting the ink and t-shirt color appearance and combination, especially if you are doing so online. The lighting in a screen printing lab or on a computer versus lighting in the real world can be very different. A good custom printing company has personnel that is trained to give you their expert advice on how to color combine your clothing without much trouble.


For example, an ink may look great on a yellow shirt but not on a dark blue shirt. There are options to preview color combinations ahead of the printing job. This is one reason why it’s important that you consider where you should go to get your fabric, as well as what colors you select when you are looking for a great color-ink to fabric combination.


Here are some standard color group types that may be available to choose from:

  • Basic Colors that are standard
  • Solid Colors that are no risk
  • Bold Colors for a bit of a fun statement
  • Subtle colors for the more conservative
  • Heather colors that are fashionable


Color Tips From Custom Shirts Near Me

Those seeking to have custom clothing made must try to avoid making mistakes in the beginning by making sure the ink color you select is not the same as the color of your fabric. Blue ink on a blue fabric material will not stand out. Complimentary colors are always a win. Get some advice from the pros in order to get a great outcome on your custom clothing.


Some colors can be combined and will give a special and unique look to your piece of clothing, but make sure once the print is made on your fabric that it will look exactly as you had previewed it on a screen or at the print shop. If heat is applied along with the ink onto the fabric, that can also make a difference in the final outcome.


Remember to decide on the color of the garment you are selecting prior to creating a custom transfer or design. Heat transfers are always essential to take into consideration when getting inspired and choosing the color you want. The ink may vary from printer to printer, and many printing companies have their own palette from which they will ask you to select.


Working with professionals who know all about screen printing and colors is very beneficial to you. Many printing companies can also show you the clip art or custom ink color collection they offer prior to any payment and may be able to offer a test-run of a design before you turn in a bulk order. You can choose a layout that you like if you don’t already have your own, then the color and type of method used to get the ink onto your fabric will be discussed with you before the job is started. Once you feel satisfied with your choice and selection, you can be confident in the final appearance of your order.


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