Protect Your Custom Tee Shirts – Here’s Some Stain Removal Tips


Protect Your Custom Tee Shirts – Here’s Some Stain Removal Tips

Have you considered investing in custom tee shirts for your company’s team? A great idea that builds company loyalty while also spreading your brand is by providing everyone with branded tee shirts to show team spirit. Get them in bulk with a professional screen printing service, such as EmbroidMe of Davie. We provide custom branded items like tee shirts, mugs, and more for residents of the Miami area, and we can help you get branded shirts too. Search “screen printing near me” in Davie, FL to find us! While branded tee shirts are great, what happens if they get stained? They’re perfect for a company outing where different stains can be a problem, but luckily, we have some tips that you can use to keep your shirts looking fresh and clean.

Tips for Tee Shirt Stain Removal

Stains at a company outing can ruin a person’s day, especially if it’s a big one. Not all stains have to be the end of the world though, and we want to prove that to you by sharing several tips for removing different kinds of stains. Here’s what to do:

  • Food
    • Parties with food and wine are probably the most common kind of company parties, but they’re also the ones where stains are the easiest to occur. To handle tomato-based sauces, flush cold water over the stain from inside the shirt, then using a toothbrush and liquid detergent to break up the food. You can then rinse the stain with white vinegar and repeat the step until the stain is mostly gone and you can do a final laundry wash.
  • Outdoors
    • Doing an outdoor party with games? Someone’s bound to find themselves with a grass stain, but these are easy. You want to use a liquid laundry detergent with active enzymes to sit on the stain for about 5 minutes or so. After, simply launder with hot water and diluted bleach to say goodbye to grass.
  • Blood
    • If you cut yourself or were injured, there’s a chance you might get some blood on your shirt. Once you make sure you’re okay, you then focus your attention on the shirt. Blot as much of the blood off as you can with a paper towel. Mix 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide with dish soap or laundry soap and apply to the stains with a sponge. Wash the clothing with cold water and let the fabric air dry.

Why Get Custom Tee Shirts for Your Company

Are you wondering if there’s any good reason to order company logo shirts for your team? There are actually a few positives. First and foremost, it’s a nice gesture to give something to the team that works hard to help make your business a success, and that little generosity helps to raise team morale as well as makes your team invested in you. Employees love to work for friendly and generous people, and like karma, you’ll get what you give when it comes to your team’s performance.

Additionally, another great reason to invest in company logo shirts is because it creates uniformity for your team. Let’s say you’re preparing a company outing. If everyone wears their company tee shirt, then your team will have a uniform look while going out that will also advertise your brand to those who see you.

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