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Do you own a business around Davie, FL? If so, then EmbroidMe of Davie is the best embroidery service for you! Professional embroidery is all about taking a product, like clothing, mugs, pens, or more and adding your brand name and logo to them. Have you considered this for your company? You could provide customers with access to free items like pens that spread your brand identity or provide your team with company logo T-shirts to wear for promotional events. There are many reasons to consider doing things like these, as they not only help build loyalty and trust in your brand but also help spread your name to others who are exposed to these promotional products. After you see what we have to offer, you’ll locate us in Davie, or search “embroiderer near me” in other areas.

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Promotional Product Offers

Here at EmbroidMe of Davie, we offer a wide variety of promotional products you can order with your brand name on them.
Here is a list of what we can offer:


Our most popular choice, getting company T-shirts helps bolster team morale and builds loyalty in your brand. They can also be sold or given away at events, possibly with the purchase of other items.


Depending on your brand, you might find the look of polos or knits more appropriate for your style.


Choose from baseball caps, visors, beanies, and more with various styles. Go for something athletic or more stylish depending on the brand.


Banners are a simple item that can be fantastic at bringing awareness to your brand at local events, or even outside your building.

Business Cards

Who doesn’t need good business cards? Keep these around to hand out to customers, or at events.

Desk Accessories

Pens, cardholders, sticky notes, and other general office supplies can be a great addition for companies with many offices. The added branding will be noticed by clients that come in.

Tech Gear

Earbuds, headphones, phone cases, and more technical items can be a great addition since they’re very practical for most people.


Another practical choice, simple branded watches are something many people may end up wearing all day every day for a long time.


If you’re planning on company events, why not consider handing out different awards? Your team will appreciate the consideration, and the awards can inspire your team to work harder.

Food and Food Accessories

Snacks with snack cases or lunchboxes can also be well-appreciated items with practical reuse.


There are many different branded items you could invest in for your team or customers, and we’ve only scratched the surface.

Why You Should Consider an Embroidery Service

As mentioned briefly, embroidered promotional products can do a lot of good for spreading your brand identity and name to more people. If you have a team wearing company T-shirts at an event, for example, there’s a greater chance more people will make eye contact with your logo, since not all banners and signs are seen in locations where multiple other brands are present. The sensory overload causes many people to skip over the brands that don’t immediately stick out to them, but more people wearing your shirts means more opportunities for others to see your logo and consider your products. Additionally, these items are appreciated by others, and they can help build brand loyalty in your clientele or your team.

Contact Us for an “Embroiderer Near Me”

If you’re considering searching for an “embroiderer near me,” and you live in the Davie area, then consider us at EmbroidMe of Davie. We are one of the best choices in the Davie, FL area for an embroidery service that will provide you with all the promotional items you could ask for. There are many reasons to consider promotional items and branded T-shirts, so contact us today to start your first order!