Embroidered Shirts Is The Best Option

embroidered shirts in weston

Embroidered Shirts Is The Best Option

Are you looking for a newly designed shirt for your business or group social event? There are many options out there when you are trying to determine what exactly to choose. There are the basic, typical choices such as screen print and digital print. However, those are overdone and can get quite boring. The best choice is always embroidery. Here at EmbroidMe, we specialize in designing and creating embroidered shirts. We are the best in Weston.


Embroidery is the Best Option

When it comes to the decorating of apparel, embroidery can be considered the alpha when stacked up against its counterparts: screen print and digital print. A fully formed practice for a long time, embroidery is used to decorate polos, caps, bags, luggage, and much more. When talking custom embroidery for decorated apparel, it’s important to understand the options available to you, as well as the process involved. We are the best embroiderer near me.


What Goes Into Embroidered Shirts

Before jumping into the fun stuff like embroidery designs, it is important to think about the many factors that go into selecting the right embroidery for the right clothing. Whether superior quality lettering or gradient embroidery, you must take note of all elements when planning a custom embroidered apparel project. This includes fabric, the purpose of clothing, stitch type, and thread type.


Considering the type of fabric should be the first step when working with embroidered apparel. Whether cotton, polyester, polyester-cotton mix, eco-friendly material, or polo knit, the fabric will most likely affect the way your embroidery is applied and appears on the garment.


Next, you will want to consider the purpose of the clothing or occasion. Will the custom embroidery be for your business employees? Sports team? Whatever it is, logos and designs play an important role in making your apparel unique. When considering the stitch, remember that stitches affect the way embroidery looks on apparel. Each stitch is created to give a distinct look. The most common embroidery stitch type, which is used for the majority of lettering and design outlines – is a satin stitch. Walking stitch is a stitch used mostly for small details in embroidery designs, and fill stitch is a technique used to fill large areas of color.


There are two main types of thread used when it comes to embroidery designs. It is rayon and polyester. Depending on the fabric and design, one of these two thread types will be used to sew out your embroidery masterpiece. Rayon is a shiny and smooth type of thread that is best for delicate clothing and is most commonly used for corporate apparel, golf polos, and retail directed garments. Polyester isn’t as shiny as rayon. Polyester has durability and resilience that allows it to withstand bleach, detergent, and hot water. This type of thread is often selected for industrial occupations and sports team uniforms.


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