Navigate the lab

Navigate the lab

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SELECT PRODUCT  –  You can select any product you like at anytime. Meaning if you already selected a product and would like to change the product due to price, color or style you may click the (Select Product) Tab and instantly change the product.

EDIT COLOR  –  Allows you to change the products color.

ADD TEXT  –  Allows you to add text from over 50 fonts to your product. Just click the tab and type your text. Once you finish with your text you may move it or change the font,color or size on the right hand side.

ADD GRAPHIC  –  Selecting the Add Graphic tabs allows you to select from our stock vectored clip art and build your design. To change colors and alignment, go to the right hand side and change size,color and position from the controls menu.

UPLOAD FILE  – Here you may upload your design/logo in a variety of formats jpeg,png,gif,tiff,pdf. We usually like customers to upload SVG files as these files are vectored art and work with our color change in the control menu on the right.

BROWSE DESIGN IDEA  –  Is a current pre-design option that store designs we have created already for customers to choose from. This tab is currently on going an update and may have none or some designs we have created for our customers at the moment.

ADD QR CODE  –  This is a great feature for customer wanting to add a QR code to your apparel. No more need of buying or using other websites to create you a QR code. You can do it directly from our Online Design Studio.