Best practices for printing clean images

DPI stands for "dots per inch" and is the standard measure of printer resolution for digital imagery. Specifically, DPI refers to the number of dots of ink or toner that will appear within one square inch of the image when it's printed.

At Custom Ink, the minimum DPI required to screen print raster images - like photographs - is 200 at actual print size. For our digital printing service, the minimum is 72 DPI for dark ink on a light shirt, and 120 DPI for light ink on a dark shirt, at actual print size. The reason that DPI requirements are lower for digital printing is because digital printing goes straight from the digital image onto a shirt, whereas screen printing goes from a digital image to a stencil-like screen to a shirt, kind of like making a photocopy of a photocopy. We need extra resolution to ensure the integrity of your final screenprinted image as it moves through this three-part process.

Having trouble figuring out your image's DPI? On a PC, you can find this number by going to Start » Programs » Accessories » Paint, opening your image, and clicking on "Attributes" under the "Image" menu. If you have a Mac, open your image in Preview (your default image viewing program), and go to Tools » Inspector » Image DPI.

Upload Your Design/Logo

To upload your own art/logo to your design, click on the "UPLOAD FILE" tab in the Design Studio. You'll be asked to specify the format of the file that you're trying to upload, then in the next screen, simply upload the file. You can also email us and attach your art files, and a design specialist will help you get your design started. Please note that to ensure the best possible print, Fully Promoted Davie's artists will Contact you for permission to touch-up any low-resolution, so you can rest assured that your shirts will come out looking flawless!

Fully Promoted Davie supports all popular image file formats. The file size limit for each image uploaded is 5MB. If you encounter any problems with your upload, send it to us using this form and we'll take care of it for you - free!

  • .ai - Adobe Illustrator Document
  • .ps.eps - PostScript File
  • .jpg - JPEG Image
  • .psd - Adobe Photoshop Image
  • .bmp - Bitmap Image
  • .gif - GIF Image
  • .png - PNG Image
  • .wmf - Windows Metafile

Adobe Acrobat Documents (.pdf) and Microsoft Office files (.ppt, .doc, .xls) are not compatible with the lab. Please send us your files and we will assist you to get them in the proper file format.

Changing the font

Fully Promoted/ is proud to offer a selection of over 100 (and growing!) fonts in our Design Studio to ensure your creativity is never limited by font choice. If you still aren’t finding the perfect font, or have one in mind that is unavailable in the Design Studio, call us at 1-844-582-0101 or email us and we'll be happy to accommodate your requests!

Here how’s to explore our font options for your custom design:
  • First, add your desired text using the “Add text” tab on the left-hand side of the Design Studio. Then, click the text area you’d like to adjust.
  • Click the drop-down menu under “Change Font”, found under “Text Settings” on the Right-hand side of the Studio.
  • From there, browse our font library by category or simply browse the entire list.
  • When you find the perfect typeface for your custom design, just click it and you’re done!
  • You can utilize the other options under “Text Settings” to adjust text size, color, position, and justification.

Add names and numbers

Personalization is a great way to make every shirt for your group fun and unique! From identifying players on sports jerseys to showing off your bridesmaids’ funny nicknames at a bachelorette party, every group and occasion can find a creative way to use personalization.

Adding personalization to your design is fun and easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Click “NAMES OR #S” in the left-side
  2. A box will pop up with two checkboxes "Names" "Number".
  3. Click the “Add Names” and “Add Numbers” checkboxes as appropriate. You can add either option alone or both options together to your order.
  4. Select the side of the item you’d like your personalization to appear on, the color you’d like it to print in, and your desired text height. You can click and drag the “EXAMPLE” and/or “00” on your item to reposition your personalization if you’d like it to appear somewhere other than the default position.
  5. Click “Enter Names/Numbers” to bring up your personalization entry form. Please list out every name and/or number and the size each personalization entry should print on. Please note that your personalization list needs to be complete for you to receive accurate pricing. When you are finished entering your personalization, click “Continue Design.” or "Add to Cart".
  6. The next screen will give you the chance to add more items to your order that are not receiving personalization. If you would like to add non-personalized items that will still receive your custom design, check “I have items that are not receiving names or numbers.” Enter your desired quantities of non-personalized items in the boxes that will appear below.
  7. Save your design on the next screen to save your personalization.

Please note that your custom personalization will not appear on your item in the Design Studio- it will always say “EXAMPLE 00.” You will receive a proof of your unique personalization to review before your order is printed.

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Designing on the back

Most products available on our partner site can be printed on both the front and the back! To design on the back of your item, click the "back" button, which is located on the right side of the Design studio. Some specialty products don't support two-sided printing, and in those cases the back/left,right button won't appear. Once your product side is selected, you can use the design buttons to add your text, art, or personalization. Now that you know it's possible, use the whole shirt to express yourself!

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Maximum print area for designing

The boxes you see in the mock-up are the printing areas, which show the maximum size your design can be to ensure a high quality print that's not compromised by the seams of the shirt. You'll find similar boxes in the Design Studio when designing on any of the products offered on Fullypromoted Davie's partner site

Helpful Tips
  • If you’re having trouble keeping your design within your item’s printing constraints, consider making your text and/or art a bit smaller.
  • Adult and youth shirts shown in the design studio are a size large, so your design will actually appear larger on smaller sizes.
  • Try selecting all elements in your design and clicking & hold the “Center of the design” . This will allow you to move your design to where ever you like in the printing area.

Navigate the lab

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SELECT PRODUCT  -  You can select any product you like at anytime. Meaning if you already selected a product and would like to change the product due to price, color or style you may click the (Select Product) Tab and instantly change the product.

EDIT COLOR  -  Allows you to change the products color.

ADD TEXT  -  Allows you to add text from over 50 fonts to your product. Just click the tab and type your text. Once you finish with your text you may move it or change the font,color or size on the right hand side.

ADD GRAPHIC  -  Selecting the Add Graphic tabs allows you to select from our stock vectored clip art and build your design. To change colors and alignment, go to the right hand side and change size,color and position from the controls menu.

UPLOAD FILE  - Here you may upload your design/logo in a variety of formats jpeg,png,gif,tiff,pdf. We usually like customers to upload SVG files as these files are vectored art and work with our color change in the control menu on the right.

BROWSE DESIGN IDEA  -  Is a current pre-design option that store designs we have created already for customers to choose from. This tab is currently on going an update and may have none or some designs we have created for our customers at the moment.

ADD QR CODE  -  This is a great feature for customer wanting to add a QR code to your apparel. No more need of buying or using other websites to create you a QR code. You can do it directly from our Online Design Studio.