Looking for the Best Embroidery Services in Fort Lauderdale?

Looking for the Best Embroidery Services in Fort Lauderdale?

What’s something everyone loves? If you’re thinking about T shirts with customizable designs, then you’re thinking exactly what we’re thinking! Okay, so there are plenty of things that everyone loves, but getting custom T shirts is great for all kinds of people. Embroidery companies can provide this for both personal and commercial use, and we at EmbroidMe of Davie are the perfect choice for embroidery services in the Fort Lauderdale area. We specialize in custom T shirts but also offer a wide variety of other items for embroidery as well.

Fort Lauderdale

Get Design Inspiration From Fort Lauderdale’s MASS District

Believe it or not, Fort Lauderdale has a blossoming art scene filled with creatives of all kinds. There are many places for the artists of the city to gather, and one such place is the MASS District, (MASS standing for Music & Arts South of Sunrise). This district is filled with art galleries, local breweries, live music venues, and many events and exhibitions are held here. You’ll find studios for all kinds of creatives from painters, digital designers, photographers, musicians, and more. Come, enjoy the atmosphere, find a bar or lounge to relax, and take in the inspiration on the best designs, or maybe even to brainstorm a logo idea for a startup business you’re working on.


Our Embroidery Services Cover Many Different Products!

At EmbroidMe of Davie, we emphasize our custom, embroidered T shirts which are perfect for so many occasions. Share them with your team to establish a sense of unity, uniformity, and loyalty, or offer them as rewards at events. Everyone loves a free T shirt, and anyone who wears them will be doing marketing for your business anytime they wear it. That said, we can also offer embroidery for other items as well, including:


Hats and Headbands

Get hats in a variety of styles and fashions, whether you want a more casual baseball cap, a beanie, or something a little stylish. A headband is also great for athletic events.


Cups, mugs, and tumblers are all great items people love to have extra of, as they’re always useful. Help your clientele stay hydrated while marketing your brand.

Bags, Totes, and Backpacks

Provide your consumers with added carrying space, or even a backpack that someone can take on their cabin trip.


You can also consider personal awards for your team. They will appreciate the attention to their efforts, and your team’s morale will grow quickly.

Phone Accessories

Just about everyone has a smartphone these days, so items like phone cases or earbuds can be appreciated by all kinds of consumers.

If You’re Searching for Embroidery Companies in Fort Lauderdale, Choose Us

Located in Davie, we at EmbroidMe of Davie can provide all kinds of embroidery services for personal and commercial use to clients all around Fort Lauderdale. Send someone a thoughtful gift, outfit your team with branded company T shirts, or offer other promotional products as event rewards. There are many different ways to take advantage of embroidered items, and the way to start is by contacting us today and learning more about all our Fort Lauderdale embroidery! You won’t find better embroidery companies in the area.