Fundraising T Shirts – Avoid These Common Mistakes


Fundraising T Shirts – Avoid These Common Mistakes

So you’re interested in setting up a fundraising campaign? Fundraising T shirts can be a great and creative way to sell a message. Shirts are something all of us can use after all, and many people love to get promotional shirts with the logos of their favorite brands. If it’s for a cause that a person wants to get behind, then it’s even more likely that they’ll jump on the opportunity to help you fundraise. We at EmbroidMe of Davie are sellers of wholesale T shirts Miami residents and businesses go to for their promotional T shirt needs, and we are here for all businesses and consumers around Davie, FL. That’s why we want to talk to you today about fundraising promotional items and what mistakes you want to avoid to get the best job done.


Common Mistakes with Fundraising T Shirts

While a fundraising program can be relatively simple to perform, there are a few mistakes that are easy to make when it comes to handling fundraising shirts. Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your event:

  • Use a Fundraising Platform
    • A Fundraising platform can help you do a lot of things, such as have your consumers purchasing their shirts online through the platform, handling your sales, and handling any returns or exchanges that might come about. This can all be handled by the company so you can spend more time focused on your project.
  • Use Your Nonprofit Organization’s Brand
    • When people are attending a non-profit fundraising event, they’ll want their promotional items to promote that organization. While it can be tempting to include your own branded shirts, it’s important to focus on the cause you’re working toward.
  • Be Stylish
    • Promotional shirts have a tendency to be fairly boring with their logo design and placement. Be creative and stylish with how you want your shirts designed. Consider stylized branding of your non-profit organization, and consider shirts with dynamic logo-placement, like around the side of the shirt rather than the dead center of the chest.
  • Look for Smaller Fees
    • You want to make sure the fundraising platform you use is one with smaller fees. The point of the money made is supposed to be that it goes to your non-profit organization, so the less you’re spending on your platform, the more money goes to the cause you’re fighting for.


We Offer a Fundraising Platform

One of the great things that we at EmbroidMe of Davie can provide for fundraising campaigns is a fundraising platform. With our help, we can facilitate sales directly with your consumers so that you can focus less on the details like order and inventory and more on the fundraising program you’re working on. We are all about providing a high-quality business experience not only with you as our client, but also with your consumers to make sure everything is smooth, easy, and well-received. With us, you can also trust that your shirts will be of high quality. Rough, uncomfortable fabrics don’t make promotional T shirts appealing at all, but ours will be soft and easy-to-wear so your consumers can walk away satisfied.


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Whether you’re looking for fundraising T shirts for an upcoming event, or are just looking for wholesale T shirts Miami businesses use to sell your own promotional items, EmbroidMe of Davie has your back. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services located in Davie.