Do Promotional Products Still Work?

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Do Promotional Products Still Work?

Here at EmbroidMe of Davie, our claim to fame in the Miami area is our retail and wholesale service of providing companies with promotional products. There are all kinds of merchandise customized with your own name and brand that work as a form of marketing beyond what you might otherwise expect, like commercials. Some are skeptical of the impact these promotional items have nowadays in comparison to the widespread impact they had 10+ years ago, but the truth is that this marketing tactic is just as strong as it once was, and we have evidence. Once you hear what we have to share about branded products, you’ll be on your computer searching “embroiderer near me” to get started on your own set of promotional items.


The Impact of Branded Merchandise

The concept of selling or even offering branded items was seen as a fad to some, but the truth is in the numbers. From T shirts to cups, mugs, office supplies, hats, backpacks, phone accessories, and other items, branded products were everywhere 10 years ago. Fast forward to today, and not much has changed. As a matter of fact, the effectiveness of branded products is something that has steadily grown over the years, not declined. Here in the United States, these kinds of items are seeing a modest 15% growth rate in a 5-year period equaling over $21 billion in sales across the country. With numbers like this, if you aren’t already offering branded products, it might be a good idea to start.


The best part is that you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune on this kind of marketing. It’s not so much about selling large, expensive products, as even small items can leave an impact. Magnets, pens, plastic cups, and other relatively inexpensive items can still do a great job at selling while also functioning as a form of marketing.


Why Promotional Products are So Effective

One of the difficulties in running a successful business in the modern world is knowing how to handle the balancing act of marketing in a way that hits your target audience where it counts. We live in a world of media, and many have learned to drown out the constant presence of commercials, whether they be on cable TV, streaming services, or ads between music and smartphone games. They aren’t ineffective per say, but it’s likely that promotional merchandise is immune to this drowning out effect. Receiving something tangible is different then seeing or hearing an ad, and we’re seeing that have a lasting impact on consumers. You’re more likely to remember physical items you have, especially when you chose to purchase those items rather than a commercial which comes onto the consumer.


Search “Embroiderer Near Me” in Miami

Now that you know more about how effective promotional products can be, it’s time to search “embroiderer near me.” If you’re in the Miami area, then we at EmbroidMe of Davie are the place you’ll want to check out. You can contact us for a wide manner of items from apparel to sports gear, electronics to food items, and almost everything in between.