Here at EmbroidMe of Davie, our company philosophy is all about ensuring our clients receive the highest quality products for the best prices. We are a promotional company that focuses on retail and wholesale custom-embroidered products. Whether you’re looking to order a custom-made jacket with someone’s name on it, or you’re ordering company T-shirts in bulk, we’ll provide exactly that to anywhere in the country from our home base in Fort Lauderdale. A huge part of us seeing our goal to fruition is hearing back from our clients through reviews and feedback. We strongly encourage everyone who works with us to provide their honest feedback so that we can ensure we’re doing our best for every partner.

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We are always looking to improve our services and performance as we continue to work with our clients, as we believe there are always things to learn in every encounter. It’s through the feedback of our partners and clients that we are able to make the changes needed to maintain our sense of quality and customer satisfaction. If you are interested in becoming a partner or have recently worked with us, then we ask that you take the time to leave us your honest feedback. This feedback helps us learn more about our interactions with you, and every little bit of information helps us improve our customer service efforts with each client. We take our reviews to heart and are always looking for ways to ensure each client gets the best possible experience.

How Your Reviews Help Our Promotional Company

Reviews are a way that you can leave your honest critiques on your experience–both your positive and negative comments. This information does two critical things that helps us as a business:

  • Gives Us Information
    • Improvement requires reflections on our past experiences. When you leave your feedback, we’re able to get a broader perspective on our service and how well we were able to perform. This helps us embolden our strengths and shore up our weaknesses, and through that effort, we have been able to grow as a successful company with a great reputation.
  • Gives Our Clients Information
    • When others look for services in their area, there is a sea of information to have to sift through, and it can be difficult to take a company’s word for their level of quality. With reviews, however, consumers are able to see what past clients were able to experience, and from there, they can make the decision on whether or not to work with that company. By sharing your positive experiences, you help others feel confident in their decision to work with us.

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If you have yet to work with us at EmbroidMe of Davie, then we hope you’ll become a partner of ours so that we can share with you what our promotional company is capable of. We service both retail and wholesale customers, so no matter if you’re looking for personal shopping or commercial shopping, we have you covered. Contact us to learn more about the kinds of products we offer and how you can order custom-made items. And if you’re interested in our existing reviews, you can read up on what others have said here.


Jeremy FrankoskiInstallations Unlimited - Installations Unlimited of LKN

I get my banners made here with Roger & Victor. Great Service and quality with fast shipping. I Highly recommend these guys!

Ileana FayCo-Founder - Florida Palm Construction

It’s hard finding a great place to get uniforms from and Fully Promoted Davie was the only place I was able to find great quality shirts and was able to get our signs made. Thanks again guys!