Stains Stuck on Your Team Shirts? Try These Stain Removal Tips!

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Stains Stuck on Your Team Shirts? Try These Stain Removal Tips!

Know what’s a great way to create a sense of community and teamwork between your staff? Team Shirts! By providing your team with shirts they can wear to show off your company’s brand, you’ll not only be creating a sense of professionalism and uniformity from your team, but you’ll also be encouraging cooperation and unity between your staff members. For that reason, it’s a good idea to search “screen printing near me,” but if you’re in Davie or Weston, FL, then consider us at EmbroidMe of Davie for those kinds of services. We are a company that sells branded products and custom T shirts, and we’ve provided many local businesses with team T shirts that they used to unify their employees. Today, we want to talk about how to care for your shirts and what tips to give your staff to ensure they stay clean.


Stain Removal Tips for Team Shirts

If your staff are all wearing their shirts, there’s a fair chance one of them might be stained at one point or another. If that happens, here are a few tips for stain removal that you can follow:

  • Food or Wine
    • Probably the most common kinds of stains are ones from food and wine. There are many different ways to handle different kinds of foods, but the most notorious offender would have to be from tomato products like pizza sauce. First, flush the stain from the inside of the shirt out with cold water. From there, break up the stain with a toothbrush and a light detergent. Rinse, then sponge the remains with white vinegar and repeat until mostly gone. You can then wash the shirt as normal. 
    • Wine is a common option for company celebrations, but it can seem difficult to remove. Sponge and soak the stain in cold water for 30 minutes to an hour. Add a prewash stain remover and then place it into the wash with a small amount of bleach. Be careful not to let the bleach touch your clothing directly.
  • Grass Stains
    • Having a company picnic? Grass can easily cause a stain if your clothes are exposed to it. To treat this kind of stain, you’ll need a liquid detergent that contains enzymes. Let your clothes soak for about five minutes first, then run in the wash with hot water and diluted bleach.
  • Blood
    • If people get hurt, even if just a paper cut, there may be a resulting bloodstain on their clothes. To remove it, blot the blood spot with a paper towel to remove any excess. You’ll want to pretreat your clothing with laundry soap or prewash stain remover that’s mixed with a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Sponge the mixture over the stain and then wash with cold water. Let your shirt air-dry afterward.


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Now that you know how to treat a few common stains, it’s time to invest in team shirts to have your team show their company pride. To find us at EmbroidMe of Davie, you can search “screen printing near me” in Weston or Davie, FL, or you can contact us through our website today.